neděle 8. března 2009

Smalltalk's Pier Persistent Store

I want to trot out by my school project. In smalltalk (first even looked at the code) with other fellows from CEE in Prague, we will implement small work with Seaside, Pier and Magritte frameworks - simple file based persistency for Pier. You can use this project from souce code repository located at It's based on Magritte meta-description framework and it's not so collest lib, but we learned much about Smalltalk and it's programming, so maybe there is some possibillity to extend it in the spirit of open source. We don't put any licence, so it's public domain. Posible commitee may contact us...


  • Seaside
  • Pier
  • Magritte

Build instructions

Example code ready to run

"This will change persistency of the kernel to PRXmlPersistency and store everything from the kernel on your disk. If needed, change the first line to reflect your setup."

kernel := PRKernel allInstances first.
PRPierPersistentStoreConnector storeEverythingFrom: kernel.

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