úterý 16. června 2009

Killerapp for today - downloading stuff from Rapidshare with FreeRapid downloader

There are plenty of so called downloaders from web hostings like rapishare.com, so competition is huge. College from CTU University wrote this FreeRapid downloader as his diploma thesis, it's entirely in pure Java language and it's open source (it's first usable tool for linux at all)

Today, it supports many of sites (50+), each "site extractor" is implemented as plugin to FreeRapid. Each plugin uses Apache Commons HTTPClient and java.util.regex package to communicate throw AJAX and to parse needed things.

Author made a sample screencast how to write plugin on your own.

Next stage of development will be probably feature of automatical CAPTCHA recognition (which USDownloader handles). Wanna participate? Go to project homepage http://wordrider.net/freerapid/

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