středa 16. února 2011

Prestashop OpenGraph module - like "semantic presta"

Hello folks,

nowaday I got worst flu in my life... so what about with a time? I made simple plugin for amazing web 2.0 eshop written in php - prestashop to make deeper integrate with facebook by Facebook OpenGraph API.

This is realy simple peace of code so I decided to give you all by licencing as opensource (GPLv2). Why a Java developer is writing plugin to php e-shop? Well, because of lack significatly similar one in Java space, Konakart is a giant with codebase from 2000, OXiD eshop is not free and Apache OfBiz is anything else but not simple eshop.

Project is hosted on Google Code. Feel free to contribute.

How is this working?

Principle of 'likeness' is nowadays main concept in facebook. Graph API (REST based) is featured API. Whatever on facebook is an object (people, places, events, products) and whatever object is in relation to some other object - in graph relation. With Graph API you select relations you want - transparently.

Do you know Facebook Like button? Standard like button on the web page looks like this:

But when you are using Open Graph META tags, it looks like this:

There are Admin Page and Insights anchors, for normal link facebook create something similar to Facebook Page, with Admin rights, Insights, people who likes it, with Wall and so on...

With OpenGraph META tags, it fill Page default image, page infos - admin email, phone & fax number and so on. Even this link should appear in your Interests in Info tab (dont work for me - I'm using product and website types).

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João Henrique řekl(a)...

I'm not understanding a word of the surrounding text :)

But, I've made a little adjust to your module (very useful by the way).

In PS 1.4.x, using the new img FS and finedly URLs, the image URL in .tpl should look like: content="{$absoluteBaseUrl}{$id_image}-large/cover.jpg"

Where "cover" should be any string. Thank you for the module!

Unknown řekl(a)...

Hello I'm testing now the fbopengraph module and I have a manual error id_lang / fbopengraph.php on line 136 you know how to solve it?

Unknown řekl(a)...

the og:url is not present on my website.
Is tit normal ?